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you've got to stretch your pennies
when you don't know when you'll see them again
i've got two bucks and change
enough for three cups of coffee
just to keep me awake and let my mind
scream pictures of you

are you wandering down dirt roads
by foot or by brain?
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    mirah - million miles

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you know what's really great?

oh yeah, and beer, and books, and being alone.

and sitting in your underwear and a tiny tee-shirt and having a stomach ache but it doesn't matter because as soon as pain goes away you forget what it felt like.

and fragmented sentences.

and playing keyboard & looking in the mirror really close up.

and candy.

and daydreaming.

staying in.



letters in words.






kiss, kiss!
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    the prom - the same complaints

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i just wrote my first song with the Casio Rap Studio keyboard. it's probably from 1987 or something, and it has allowed me to make the best voicemail message ever, as well as my very first song. call that shit.

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"...The fact that we are going to be dead in a number of years, we are going to be watching everyone that's alive and wherever we are we're going to be thinking, 'Why the fuck didn't I do more? Why wasn't I crazier and achieve those things I was scared of?' "

- Chuck Palahniuk

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just when things were starting to feel alright..

JV and Beulah last night were incredible. i don't think there's a single negative thought that i could even apply to john. he is the nicest, sweetest, endearing creature to walk the planet. the music was perfect and the crowd was all smiles and sing-alongs, which is a feat in chicago, for sure.

today was awful.

i had a nervous breakdown, twice. someone smashed out my driver's side window as morgan and i treated ourselves to a movie, and they treated themselves to my almost-brand-new stereo. i live for my music, i live for driving. I FEEL LIKE I WILL DIE IF I CANNOT SING ALONG TO MY FAVORITE SONGS WHILE I DRIVE.

now, i'm broke.

i bought a new cable for my camera, only to find that both the cable and the camera are broken, with 175 + pictures from tour that all i want to do in the world is share.

and then there's some other stuff.

i'm just too tired for this.
at least i have a handful of people who actually express love for me.
i don't know where i'd be without you.

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so every single time that i have told a boy that i loved him, as of late, i should have translated it into, "i want to fuck you so i can get over you."

that would make life inexplicably easier.